All rates quoted in Bds. $

Ship Clearance

$100.00 outside regular office hours i.e. 07:00 – 16:00 hours, Monday to Friday.

Ship’s Garbage Removal

$1,000.00 per skip (6m³ capacity)

Telephone Rental

$15.00 per day per line

Fresh Water

$12.00 per tonne.

Water connection/disconnection fee of $400.00, applicable to vessels taking 100 or more metric tons of water per call.

Pumping of Oil Waste

$7.72 per gallon

Passenger Head Tax

$12.00 per passenger.

Passenger Scan

$1.25 per passenger

Baggage Scan

$2.75 per unit

Use of Security Barriers

$1,000.00 per day

Home Port Facility Fee

$500.00 Half Turn Around, $1,000.00 Full Turn Around

Buses (transport between Cruise vessel and terminal)

$85.00 per hour on weekdays from 0700 – 1600 hours.

$105.00 per hour on weekdays before 0700 hours, after 1600 hours, and on Saturday s until 1600 hours.

$110.00 per hour on Saturdays after 1600 hours and on Sundays and Public Holidays from 0700 – 2300 hours.

Did You Know?

The Bridgetown Port, previously known as the Deep Water Harbour or the Bridgetown Harbour, was opened on May 6, 1961, by Sir Grantley Adams, then Prim