The Port of Bridgetown is the major port of entry for approximately 90% of the goods used in the manufacturing and retail sectors in Barbados. A major part of its responsibility is dedicated to supporting businesses in the import/export trade via the handling of cargo within the Deep Water Harbour, processing and storage of associated data and documentation, and statistical reporting.


Accordingly, the Barbados port Inc. provides the following services:

     i.        Receipt and delivery of cargo, utilising a variety of cargo handling equipment.

    ii.        Storage of cargo awaiting delivery or shipment, in covered warehouses or open storage, which in the case of reefer containers is accommodated by 440V reefer plugs.

   iii.        Unstuffing / stuffing containers

   iv.        Sorting of cargo according to special requirements of consignee

    v.        Rental of cargo handling operations equipment   e.g. forklifts etc.

   vi.        Priority access to block-stacked empty containers as requested by ship agents

  vii.        Covering of cargo in open stacking areas

In addition, the Bridgetown Port is the home porting hub for several vessels conducting full and partial exchanges of passengers. Accordingly, the Terminal Operations Department also provides labour for the handling of luggage and ship stores.

Did You Know?

For more than 300 years, Bridgetown was a port of call for ships operating in the Eastern Caribbean?