Today’s Port News highlights the role of Barbados Port Inc (BPI) and the interaction of the various players in cargo delivery. 

RS&D - Receive, Store and Deliver

The Bridgetown Port operates as an RS&D port - Receive, Store and Deliver, which is its prime responsibility.

The Port is a corporatized organization administered by the Barbados Port Inc (BPI). Inorder to achieve its mission “to be a high quality provider of marine, cargo and passenger handling and other related services to seaport users locally and world-wide”, the BPI must drive efficiency among all of its stakeholders, and each player must do its part to attain an effective result.

The BPI has the ability to deliver cargo to consignees within a 24 to 48 hour time period, but cargo documentation has to be processed and customs clearance obtained prior to delivery by the BPI.

Several Players in the Clearance Process

There are several players that operate within the Port to move cargo to its final destination. These include the Shipping Lines, Stevedores, Ships’ Agents, Consolidators, Customs Brokers, the Customs and Excise Department, and the Hauliers. Each of these stakeholders has a major role to play in ensuring efficiency at the Port.

Stevedore Contractor – supervises the loading and off-loading of cargo

Ships’ Agent – represents the shipping line in Barbados

Consolidator – represents one or more consignees, and acts on behalf of the importer

Customs Broker –is a service provider, who acts as the liaison between the consignee and the Customs and Excise Department

Customs and Excise Department – collects and protects government revenue, and expedites and facilitates legitimate trade and travel. This includes examination of cargo, determining value of goods for assessing customs duty, and investigation. Where required, the relevant import license must also be provided for prompt processing of cargo.

Did You Know?

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