The Bridgetown Cruise Terminal was constructed primarily to provide convenient access to shops and other facilities in a spacious and colourful atmosphere. 

The ground breaking took place on August 1, 1993 and the terminal was officially declared open by the then Prime Minister, the Right Honorable Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, on January 14, 1994.

Bridgetown Cruise Terminals Inc. represents a unique structure in private/public sector co-operation. The Government of Barbados, through its representative the Barbados Port Inc., is the largest single shareholder in the company, holding 30% of the shares. The private companies, Goddard Enterprises Ltd. and Cave Shepherd & Co. Ltd. each hold 20% of the shares. The remaining 30% are held by the Barbadian public who subscribed to the public offering of shares at the initial stage of development of the Terminal.

The Bridgetown Cruise Terminal is the centre for all services provided for the use of cruise passengers and crewmembers visiting Barbados.  It offers more than 60,000 square feet of space. Some 20,000 square feet is allocated to shops, the remainder comprises space for the offices of Customs, Immigration, Port Health, Plant and Animal Quarantine, Post Office and the Barbados Tourism Authority.

There are currently 21 interior, air-conditioned shops, the majority of which retail duty-free items. These offer a wide variety of items including jewelry, perfumes, fine linen, crystal, china, arts, and crafts, souvenirs, T-shirts, exclusive resort wear, liquor, cigars and cigarettes.

There are also 19 colourful pushcarts located along the centre of the aisles where these pushcart vendors, all small, local entrepreneurs retail a range of items, particularly handcrafted objects

Just outside the main entrance of the Terminal, a brightly painted marketplace has been created with 16 courtyard shops. This area, familiarly known as the Chattel  Village offers one of the largest selections of T-shirts and hand-made garments for all ages that can be found anywhere in Barbados.

There are also two open-air restaurants located in this area featuring well-stocked bars and local delicacies. 

A concessionaire’s area located nearby allows passengers the facility to go as they please by being able to rent cars.   For those on pre-booked, organized tours, a special departure area with numbered departure gates has been set up to ensure speedy handling of tour groups.

In addition to the diverse shopping experience available to cruise passengers and crew members, Telecommunications Services are offered in the general terminal area with wireless connectivity and telephones being made available for all users of the facility. Through the use of these services visitors are able to reach their families and business associates with ease.