Disembarking Passengers must declare passports in person with completed Immigration Forms and confirmed flight details at vessel clearance.

Disembarking Crew do not have to present their passport in-person, the Crew Purser should bring their passport with fully completed Immigration Form (filled/ signed by the crew) and confirmed flight with details to present to the Immigration officer during vessel clearance.

Transit Passengers/ Crew are not required to see the Immigration officer and are free to go ashore once ‘Free Pratique’ has been granted. No shore passes or Immigration forms are needed.

Visas: There is a 24hr visa wavier in effect for all nationalities in-transit. Visas are therefore not required for cruise ship passenger   visiting in the island, or disembarking and leaving the country within 24hrs.

Please refer to the Visa Nationality Listing for those restricted nationalities who will require a visa staying longer than 24hrs.

Embarking Procedures for Crew & Passengers:-

Processed Immigration Form given to Crew & Passengers by Immigration on arriving in the Island must be collected and given to the Port Agent along with Five (5) Copies of Embarking Lists. If it has been misplaced, a new form (Departure Record only) must be completed.

Departure Paper Work

The departure paper work would subsequently be as follows:

  • Please advise Passengers and Crew that it is an offence to wear Camouflaged clothing or accessories in Barbados.
  • Please advise Passengers and Crew that is it illegal to smoke in ‘Public Spaces’ in Barbados.

Additional Clearance Information

  1. Follow the Port Paper Requirements for each Officer to the letter
  2. The Information Sheet would be the vessel’s Arrival Letter
  3. Provide each Officer with an individual folder or envelope labelled with the appropriate designation; e.g. IMMIGRATION, CUSTOMS & HEALTH.
  4. Please ensure all documents presented are signed and carry the ship’s stamp.
  5. Please ensure that all lists have a cover sheet; make sure it has the ship’s Stamp and a total figure of the list presented. E.g. PASSENGER LIST, INTRANSIT LIST, CREW LIST, ETC.
  6. All lists presented must be numbered and the final page must carry the ship’s stamp and signed.
  7. Provide a letter (3 copies) addressed to “THE COMPTROLLER OF CUSTOMS” and present at clearance with other documents to the Customs Officer requesting permission to WASH / PAINT / LOWER LIFE BOATS.
  8. Provide a letter (3 copies) addressed to “THE HARBOUR MASTER, Barbados Port Inc.” and present at clearance with other documents to the Customs Officer requesting permission for Hot Works, Welding.
  9. PLEASE ensure that adequate and comfortable seating is provided for the Officers responsible for clearance of the vessel; i.e. CUSTOMS, IMMIGRATION & HEALTH.
  10. DO NOT abbreviate nationalities on any list presented; however if your system does not allow for this, then a separate list of what the abbreviations mean MUST be presented for the IMMMIGRATION OFFICER. 4 IMMIGRATION FORM ARRIVAL RECORD (A) DEPARTURE RECORD (B)

Did You Know?

In January 1979, the Barbados Port Authority was established?