Mr. David Jean-Marie Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Kenneth Atherley Divisional Manager, Operations
Mr. Curtis Smith Divisional Manager, Human Resources
Capt. Karl Branch Divisional Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy
Ms. Karen Forde Ms. Karen Forde Financial Controller & Corporate Secretary
Mr. Ian Stewart Manager, Terminal Operations
Lieutenant Commander Fernella Cordle Lieutenant Commander Fernella Cordle Manager, Security Services
Capt. Carl Gonsalves Capt. Carl Gonsalves Manager, Marine Services & Harbour Master
Mr. Anderson Leacock Manager, Property Management, Maintenance and Projects
Mrs. Nancy Solomon-Batson Mrs. Nancy Solomon-Batson Manager, Human Resources
Mr. Albert Soudatt Accountant
Mr. Glenn Roach Manager, Quality Assurance, Employee Training and Development
Mrs. Charmaine Soo Chan Mrs. Charmaine Soo Chan Manager, Internal Audit
Mr. Tedroy Marshall Manager, Engineering Services
Mrs. Michele Webster Manager, Management Information Systems
Ms. Jane Brome Ms. Jane Brome Manager, Market Development & Cruise Operations

Did You Know?

Work on the construction of the Deep Water Harbour commenced in June 1957?