Cruise passengers, Port workers and representatives of the multiple agencies that conduct business in the Port, pass by this piece of equipment every day without giving it a second glance.

The inconspicuous, orange multi-purpose loading platform operating at the cruise and cargo ships has provided a safer working environment for the dockers who service these vessels.

Concerns Trigger Action

Responding to concerns raised by the dockers regarding the difficulty being experienced in transferring baggage and other supplies from the supply trucks to the ship and vice

versa, the management of Terminal Operations department at Barbados Port Inc (BPI) engaged in extensive deliberations with the workers, their representatives- the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), and the Shipping Association of Barbados (SAB), to devise a solution.

The challenge was to develop a piece of equipment which would embrace the ebb and flow of the tide and the wave motion as the dockers worked, while the ship was berthed. This issue was addressed by an innovative idea tabled by John Agard, Assistant Shed Manager, who produced a sketch of a multipurpose loading platform.

Did You Know?

Stone and rubble to build the Deep Water Harbour was blasted from the quarry at Bagatelle Plantation?