As we celebrate 47 years of Independence, this is a time to review the past and look to the future.  This has been a strategic policy of the Bridgetown Port from inception.

The Port is a major port of entry for 90% of the goods used in the manufacturing and retail sectors in Barbados.  A major part of its responsibility has been dedicated to supporting businesses in the import/export trade, a job that it carries out without any government subsidies, unlike the majority of ports in the region.

Since its opening for business in 1961, the Bridgetown Port has generated its own revenue to fund operations, and pay all normal statutory obligations.  While being a responsible service monopoly, the Port has absorbed the impact of economic fluctuations to ensure that Barbados remains competitive.

Administrative Changes

The Port has seen a number of administrative changes over the past fifty-two years.  Originally administered under the Port Department along with Port Contractors Limited, the Barbados Port Authority was established in 1979 as a Statutory Board.  At the end of 2003, the organization was convertedinto a corporatized company now known as Barbados Port Inc., registered under the Companies Act of Barbados.

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Did You Know?

The ‘workhorse of the project’ to construct the Deep Water Harbour was a complicated, but especially effective piece of machinery called a cutter suct